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Originally posted by HirakuNoShadow
Some staples for Drag/Armor King team from what I've played so far:

CH iWR+2, f,f, iWS+4, 3,1, 1,3,2~5, B!, A.K 3+4,2, Drag ff+3 = 105 dmg
(requires you to dash right up to the opponent before the iWS+4, otherwise the 3 follow-up whiffs)
df+2, f+4,4,3, 1, ff+2~5 B!, A.K 3+4,2, Drag ff+3_f+3~df~CD+1+2 = 88 dmg
df+2_WS+2_QCB+2, f+4,4,3, 1, f+3~df~u~4,1 = 61 dmg (B! saving wall carry)
f+1+2, b+2,1, 1, f+3~df~u~4,3 B! A.K. 3+4,2 Drag ff+3 = 94 dmg
(f+3~df~u~4,3 can be replaced with 132 for easier bind at -1 dmg)

SS+2,1~5 B! Drag ssr f+4,4,3, A.K f,f, uf+3, iSW = 86 dmg (requires delay in f+4,4,3 during TA!)
CH b+1, f,f, 3+4, d+2~5 B!, Drag ssr f+4,4,3, A.K iSW = 84 dmg
DU, ssr df+1, 1+2,2, d+2~5 B!, Drag f+4,4,3, A.K iSW = 99 dmg
DU~5, Drag f+2,4, f,f+1,3,2~5 B!, A.K. 3+4,2, Drag f,f+3 = 99 dmg
DU~5, Drag f+2,4, f,f+1, f+3~df~u~4,3~5 B!, A.K 3+4,2, Drag f,f+3 = 102 dmg

I've been sticking with f+3~df~u~3,1,2 or b+2,1,3 for Drag at the wall during TA!, not sure if there's better ones though.

but after you do something like Zafina's df+3 SCR~db df+1,2,1...b+2,1,3 and f+3~df~u~3,1,2 doesn't work since Zafina did like a 4 hit TA filler...this probably apply to every Partner TA wall filler which has 3 or more hits (with the exception of some character which has a delayed 3rd hit eg. Lili's f+3+4,3,4 etc)

As for Dragunov filling the TA wall i do f+3~df~u b+2,1,3 since it 'picks up' the opponent character higher than 3,1,2 so your partner can land something 'more' Jaycee's df+3+4. Also i think b+2,1,3 does more damage than 3,1,2?