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Will this be viable for LP?
-f3~df~u~1, f+3~df~u~1, f443

A basic Wang TA:
-Dra df2, 41, f1, f3~df~u~1, 43~5 B! Wan db1, Dra ff3

-Wan W! df22~5/1+2~5 B!
Dra f3~df~u~312 Wan db241 I don't have the numbers with me but this looks pretty nice.
Dra f3~df~u~312 Wan qcf2

Can't remember other guaranteed stuff off the top of my head. But Dra/Wan will probably stay my mains. I was never able to adjust to Wang in T6 but TTT2 Wang seems great since hopkick is back.