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Checked Drags LP potential:
-df1, 21, f443. 38 the old BR juggle still is an ok option.
-ssr, df1, 2, f3~CDc1, f443. 41
-df1, 2, f3~CDc41, d44. 42
-df1, 2, f3~CD4, d44. 43
It seems like we have a relatively easy LP juggle for 43 damage. Anyone found more?

Drag solo
-qcf2, f24, ff1, f3~CDc43 B!, f3~CD1+2 89
-df2, 41, f1, f3~CDc43 B!, f3~CD1+2. Forgot the damage

-Dra CH (f2)4, 43~5 B!, Jpa FLY34, Dra qcf2, f3~CD1+2. 101 and stylish as hell.
-Dra CH wr2, iws4, f132~5 B!, Jpa df21, Dra f3~CD1+2. 101
-Dra df2, 41, 43~5 B!, Jpa df21, Dra f1, f3~CD1+2. 84
-Jpa ws2~5, Dra f3~CDc43~5 B!, Jpa ub12~F, FLY34, Dra f3~CD1+2. 95

The possibilities seem endless with these guys. Of course you can end every juggle with f3~CD2~5 to tag out.

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