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Originally posted by BrS
Can anyone help me with feng/drag juggles? I'm trying to use js,df+1,1,f+4,3,5,f+4,4,3,5,f,f+3 for oki, but the jg ender confirming ratio is low, and the oki possibilities looks poor too.
Not to mention jg problems the team looks nice.

Oki was nerfed all across the board in TTT2, so that's why you'll see most top level players ending with their strongest move. Although these moves usually knock your opponent really far away, you still get a kind of "running oki". For example: if they lie there you trample them, if they roll back you can go for a catch, or you can stop and go for a 50/50, and the list goes on. It's not as amazing as T6 oki, but for some characters that's all you get. Drag, for example, has to end combos in ff+3 (40dmg) and run in to maintain momentum, or tag out if you need to.

With Feng, you should be ending all your combos with 3~4,3 for crazy high damage. (3~4 alone does more than 40 dmg). The second part of this string is a sweep that adds more damage and leaves them right in front of you. You can run standard mid/low/throw mix-ups here, or go into BT for riskier, cooler-looking stuff. Regardless, you want to end with 3~4,3 midscreen WHENEVER possible.

Drag's f+4,4,3 is a great TA, but sometimes it's hard to get a follow-up with certain characters. The next most damaging option would be b+2,1,3 (the sweep pops them up at the perfect height). If all else fails, 3,1,2 should work.

In conclusion:
(df+1 w/ Feng does more than f+1)

Feng: uf+4, df1, df1, f+4,3~5 B! Drag b+2,1,3, Feng 3~4,3
Drag: df+2, f+4,4,3, f+1, ff+2~5 B! Feng ff+4,3, Drag ff+3