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Originally posted by numotd
I play Drag/Eddy

Drag df+2 f+443 f+1 ff+2~5 B! Eddy ss4,3 Drag ff+3

Eddy ws1,3~5 Drag f+2,4 ff+2~5 B! Eddy 3,4 Drag ff+3 (sometimes it doesn't work...i guess you have to input ff+3 fast)

As for Wall combo...you can do Drag b! Chreddy 3,4 Drag 3,1,2 or Drag b+2 ws 1+2 (not sure which one does more dmg tho, between 3,1,2 or b+2 ws 1+2 since 3,1,2 will do low wall hit)

I has never crossed my mind to use 3,4. Going to test it out when i get back to my PS3. Thanks.

Also, I can't seem to land ss+4,3. Not sure if it's because of Christie or my timing.


sample combos for Dragunov/Christie


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