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Originally posted by !DIABLO GTR!

Dra qcf+2/qcf+1/ws+2, tag, Chr b+3,3, tag, Dra f+1, f+3~d/f~u, 4,3, B!, f+3~d/f~n, f+4,4

damage is about 72-85ish depending on the starter launcher.

The B! can also be substituted by tag assault Chr ws+1,3 Dra f,f+3 for 90ish damage or Chr ws+1,3, W! Dra f+3~d/f~u, 3,1,2 if there is a wall nearby (I forgot how much damage I got off this one).

btw, what's the notation that we will be using for f+3~d/f cancel?

edit: I think it's sad how Christie can't do the awesome Drag/Eddy combos.


Chr ws+1,3, tag, Dra f+2,4, f,f+2, B! f+3~d/f~u, d+4,4 (I forgot the damage, pretty decent for such a basic combo though.)
I tried landing qcf+2 after ws+1,3 like the Eddy combo I saw, but Chr can't do sh!T after that without some crazy dashing or something.

Chr d/f+3+4, tag, Dra f+4,4,3, f+1, f+3~d/f~u, 1, f,f+2, B!, qcf+1+2

Chr ws+3, tag, Dra 4,1, f+1, f+3~d/f~u, 1,3,2, B!, f,f, d+4,4
Chr ws+3, tag, Dra 4,1, f+1, f+3~d/f~u, 4,3, B!, f+3~d/f~u, d+4,4 (more damage than the previous one)

so far, the only tag assault wall combos I've tried which work.

Chr 1+2,3, Drag 3,1,2
Chr ws+1,3, Drag d+3+4

I play Drag/Eddy

Drag df+2 f+443 f+1 ff+2~5 B! Eddy ss4,3 Drag ff+3

Eddy ws1,3~5 Drag f+2,4 ff+2~5 B! Eddy 3,4 Drag ff+3 (sometimes it doesn't work...i guess you have to input ff+3 fast)

As for Wall can do Drag b! Chreddy 3,4 Drag 3,1,2 or Drag b+2 ws 1+2 (not sure which one does more dmg tho, between 3,1,2 or b+2 ws 1+2 since 3,1,2 will do low wall hit)