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@Taxi man

Ah you've been watching 200 Won's matches!

No joke, that insane 50/50/method he applies does actually work but you need solid yomi for that to be applicable at higher levels or you get blown up after a few bad guesses - a bit like how he ends up losing after a while. But, I love his style.

The thing to bear in mind with Changs is that they don't really get decent frames on hit, or block that the rest of the cast enjoys without some element of risk or bad recovery, ie. Lee, Williams, A.King, Laws all have an i13 generic df1 that's +8~9 on hit for solid lockdown and -1 on block for a decent 'unsafe' mixup.

Elbow and shotgun both come out at i12, or a little slower depending on how long you drag out the elbow and are quite linear. Elbow is +4 on hit, - 2 on block and shotgun 0 on hit -6~-2 on block so your opponent has to be conditioned to freeze after. Spin is safe again and +3 after shotgun connects so you can just shotgun into empty spin then start doing MA or shotgun, 2 once your opp starts pushing buttons.

Again, Unlike William's sisters, Changs also lack a quick + on hit low. db3 tech crouches/high crushes really well at i16, -6 on hit and -16 on block so you lose momentum by using it and d3 is an excellent low poke at i13, -1 on hit, -12 on block and +4 on ch. No crush properties though like Bryan's d4. b3 is slow but crushes really well and should be used to track and ch steppers who can't react to it. Note b3 goes under Bryan's orbital heel.

Spacing and HC 4~2,1 is extremely important. Note the pattern that is forming here. You won't get strong +frames so easily with Changs so getting in and out with elbows and shotgun so you can 4~2,1 or whiff punish with ff3 is essential.

Throws are a major part of playing Changs, in this area Michelle is the better Chang as MA and all her old throws retain their old oki setups where as Julia has lost them. Even if your opp can break MA, they will still end up ducking that and now Michelle's new isw (which also has the post MA 4~2,1_ff3_ff1 oki) because of the pressure that they put players under - i10 45-40 dmg throws respectively ftw. Treat them like lows.

Michelle's CES is still better than Julia's new FWR roll too as she has a +3 on hit low out of it with 3,4 and a w! splat with CES 2. Both CES and FWR are linear and can RC. FWR lacks a low and a mid w! splat option. I seem to get floated more out of FWR than CES too and I hardly use either. CES still has crap tech jump/low crush frames. Her i12 punisher 2~b~1+2 always gives a w! splat to her back unlike Julia's too.

That and you always have the fall back, day one tactic of run up FC bow & arrow kicks_ws4_ws3_uf4,3_ws1~5_throw!

It is worth noting that f3~1 is a great range 4~5 whiff punisher, something Julia only has now paired with her mum or another Gung-Fu character. Abuse it if your opp likes to whiff.

As fast as Changs are, being patient with them more so than most of the cast is the key to winning. Their damage output is lower than in T6 but their mixup and pressure game is probably stronger with isw.

Oh and the 135% scaling buff means that landing iwr1, dash d1+2 does ridiculous damage. Note the wr mixup of isw_iwr1 is risky in that both options give either an i10 isw, +7 on block or big damage - or can be broken/ducked which is where the '200 Won' approach comes in with an iwrhopkick mixup.

No (cancellable) taunt is Michelle's biggest weakness...

Other than that, she seems to be the stronger Chang at the moment - well she IS Julia's mum!

Hope that helped and loved your podcast.

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