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Originally posted by S-square
@Eternal Blaze: Welcome . But I think it is out of my abilities to do it with different pairings. Haha. I must admit I am too lazy to do that. As for damages, I might update it if I have the time to, since its gonna require a lot of testing in practice mode and then editing the post itself. But you could drop by the general discussion and ask about certain pairings/combos or even do it here, someone will help you out if they can I believe .

@Bad At Tekken (I believe you aren't gonna be for long): It means a small dash is required for the combo to be consistent. To dash you do ff as farmboyfan has said.

@Farmboyfan: I dun think the MNT d3,1, d3,1 d1,4 will be something that is a staple though. From my experience, the 2nd d3,1 will not connect unless the "1" hits when the opp is W!, but if so, the d1,4 shouldnt be able to connect too. Unless this is done in an angle that allows it to be more consistent? As for d2,3 as an ender....sounds good, since it gets you into stance and if I am not wrong also spikes the opp to the ground.

New update again from me playing around for a bit, check it out

Hmm.. I do agree that an extra d+3,1 in the sequence is not consistent and might only connect w/ the right angle. I'll try again this weekend

Thanks for the updates! I only used that 3~SCR4 on after bound.. I didn't realise I can also do that as TA 'til you mentioned it. Thanks again!