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I'm certainly no professional, but I want to drop a small reply; there's not so much traffic here lately.

I, too, was just getting into Julia as another character I wanted to play just a month or two before the end of BR and I spent more time exploring her moves rather than how to play her. I've been really trying to bone up on a solid Michelle playstyle since resources are either scarce or sometimes outdated. Hopefully I can shed some light on some things with what little I know. Full disclosure, I'm not very versed in Michelle's frame data, so please excuse some suppositions.

Michelle seems not so much aggressive, but more of a conditioning character. She seems to have only a few decent defensive tools while having good range and pretty decent strings. I feel she's a conditioning character because her offense seems to be based around dem bowz (f, f+1) and the CES express (d, d/f+1 > 3_4). Both moves are pretty quick, hit mid and seem pretty safe. The idea seems to be to use her great mids to get in safely while forcing opponents to stand. From here, Michelle gets access to some great lows and the true guessing game begins as long as you can convince your opponent to not try to sidewalk or press too many buttons.

Mad Axes being so bufferable helps put an edge on your anti-standing game while her FC and WS tactics (FC d/f+2_WS 1_WS 2) round out your anti-crouch game while you're in the opponent's face. From a range, Michelle can opt for elbows if she's trying to get back in or b+4 to convince the opponent to stay where they are. 4~(2), 1_d+1+2_WR 1_f+3~1 all seem to be great ranged choices that put your opponent in a spot where you can choose to go in while they're down or gamble on a ranged game to keep them out.

Michelle gets really spicy when she starts Wind Rolling everywhere and I think this might be where she wants to eventually train her opponent to go. If she can successfully scare them into not pushing buttons, she is free to then press mostly whatever she likes. Her Wind Roll (or CES) and sidestep game are great for when the opponent is nervous and starts trying to mash out where you seem vulnerable. I am loving her CH game and she seems to have great confirms off of her off-axis launchers. SS 3+4_SS 1_SS > d/f+2, 1_CES 1 all appear to be her "press buttons if you dare" moves to punish mash, but they're all pretty vulnerable.

Outside of that, Michelle has a very interesting wall oki and wallsplat game that I'm still exploring. Her setups here seem really retarded and I'm looking forward to see whatever cheapness she can exploit in this area of her game. Her damage potential here is huge and it seems that as long as you play smart with your move selection, the onus is on your opponent to know when to step properly. As a matter of fact, that's the one weakness I'm seeing in Michelle's game. She doesn't seem very defensive, so it's understandable that her defensive tools aren't amazing. She seems very easy to sidewalk and outside of a few moves that she homes with, I'm having difficulty stopping the stepping.

This was probably way too much from someone who knows as little as I do, but I hope this made sense. Even if some (or most) of it is wrong, I'm hoping some enterprising Julia/Michelle players will stop by and drop some sweet knowledge on us.