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Picked up Michelle as a partner for my Anna, because they have pretty good juggle(and overall) team synergy.

However, I'm pretty much just winging it with Michelle. I got by with BR Julia as a sub, but I never really took the time to understand her fundamentals. So I want to know what is the ideal way that I should be playing her. I'm pretty aggressive, but is Michelle really suited for that?

What moves should I be using? and how should I be using them? stuff like that

I'm pretty much just getting by through hopkicks, 4~(2),1 mad axes, ff+1 and FC mixups, along with whiff punishing with ff+3 dash d+1+2 butthat really isn't cutting it.

So I guess what I'm really asking for, is like, a guide or a general how to play Michelle the proper way type of thing.
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