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I don't think b14 is a broken tool. It is VERY good of course, but not broken imo.

if you put it in the contest of all the other characters, this game in wich spacing is a key to win, and that Eddy CAN'T STEP, this move is pretty damn good but not that exaggerated to me.

I believe it's a way to keep opponent away from rushing down on you every time. Especially with Christie who is so small now.

Think about all Hwoarang options vs Eddy now that Hwo has d3,4 natural hit and all the mixups you're forced to swallow because you can't step out of them, plus Flamingo 8 frame kicks that will counter Eddy ws punishers easy even if you guess right and duck..

Steve has f3,1 evading safe juggle starter (our DevilNin told us about it a couple of days ago)

Rlx 4-3 is just a simple low for Bears and True Ogre, since Eddy cannot connect anything..

etc etc

Thank Namco now we Chreddy players can face Bobs knowing that we've a chance to win!