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Originally posted by subt-L
yeah, i'm not trying to convince you that they need it, that's for damn sure. that shit is busted.

someone brought it up around the beta phase wondering if it was possible, and i kind of discounted it. the damage output would have been retarded extreme and no smart designer would give you a tool that takes 75-80% life on a simple ch confirm.

well, fuck it, namco proves me wrong in multiple ways in one foul swoop.

mixups are still pretty easy to see, but you need to get people to stop attacking after the b+1,4~b. problem with the b+1,4~b is that you can't get the slippery kicks afterwards. you can still hit confirm into hsp 4 (for still amazing damage) but its not 130. still great against the wall.

b+1,4 by itself is unsafe (-18 according to noodalls frame data), but the ~b leaves you at an advantage, which i'm sure most capo players should know just by instinct. so if you get the b+1,4 blocked, you'll obviously want to be holding b, or else get launched.

so if you just react hsp 4, and they block, you'll be able to get floated by most 11-13 frame mids and d+1's. slippery kicks are very much seeable, just ask anyone i play against. hsp throw is harder to see, but most people i play are ducking optioning it no matter how i'm disguising it. so that leaves you with flop punch and hsp d+3_4 as a decent respectable speed attacks, and if you can keep them from pressing buttons, hsp 3 and b+3 open up. b+3 should really be your only serious mixup low out of it, and doing slippery kicks as a mixup seems counter productive to the whole "safe mid ch hit confirmable" part if you're just going to let it rip anyways.

but to each his own. it'll be less effective assuming that this doesn't get patched out and people start having to key into this, and i'm sure the throw and slippery kicks mixups will be spied out very easily long term just based on the players i have had to deal with.

Hsp 4,3+4 beats i13 frame pick up and it's not really seeable because you have to do a 13frame pick up soon after Hsp 4 or Chreddy can tilt out of Hsp and be "safe"...

Slippery kicks are easy to spot when you watch the gameplay or spectating...but during's a bit hard to see because you are constantly thinking what to do and watching your opponent...28frames isn't too slow either

if you can HC b+1,4,3+4...i dont see why would we ever do b+1,4~b hsp 4...-_-"

No offense but I dont see why you think b+1,4 is easy to anticipate or see what options can come out...there's also other optionssssss other than b+1,4~b hsp 4 or b+1,4,3+4's like ppl saying some character sucks on paper but when movement and actual game play is put into it...they dont suck like ppl say...b+1,4 NCc is one of the best upgrade chreddy ever got if you think it's easy to anticipate and easy to see...dont use it then -_-"

An easy way to see how to use b+1,4 is like how b+3,3 don't just spam b+3, hit confirm the b+3 on CH...same goes with unless b+1 is going to be CH dont ALWAYS throw out b+1,4

Yeah big characters do give capos problems especially rlx 4~3

No hate against you subt-L...i'm just speaking from my testing and opponent really know how to kill Chreddy pretty well...especially my brother, juie-storm (Nina Lars), foxsteve, etc -_-"

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