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Originally posted by subt-L
yeah, i just found this out a second around too. should be 130 on ch:

ch b+1,4,3+4 rlx 2, b+3,3, rlx 2,4 TA ss 4,3 > ss 4~3

you cannot ch hit confirm the b+1 into 4, but you can sure do it as a whole. and as you said, the 4 part of the move isn't bad at all. helicopter should beat out most retaliation, d+3 will be a good safe mid option, though your lows aren't all that great and the throw is fairly obvious now, but fuck it.

130 damage.

i don't think its half way as unbeatable as you are making it seem though. just get used to seeing the throw on block and the other options aren't scary, and slippery kicks just doesn't seem feasible if you have any reaction speed what so ever. its really damn good, but it doesn't track, only works on ch, mixups aren't all that great afterwards since you can react to most of them, and yeah...

130 damage tho...

In the right hands, it is broken hehe

i beg to differ on "no great mix up afterward since you can react to most of them"

PS. this is Kamileon88 new account + the thailand player

Sup Chreddies -

I've got one of Thailand's top players staying here in Cape Town with me and he mains Chreddy Cappo.

We've come across this move...


It's 14F speed...
It's Safe
It has decent range, (it's not like super short range or something)
on CH which can be hit confirmed easily enough it leads to 128Dmg with Tag Assault (No Wall and Easy/Average Combo for Chreddy players)
If it's Blocked there is still a chance for a Mix Up into Helicopter Kicks/Unbreakable Throw/Slippery Kicks and virtually anything else you can do from HS Stance...

You can't jab_df1_SS_SW_Crouch after blocking b+1,4 otherwise Helicopters will beat you/wall splat you... and if you stand and block then you're looking at an Unbreakable Throw or a Full Combo from Slippery kicks.

You can side walk this move SWR - but even on Whiff if Chreddy does b+1,4~Helicopter then it kills your Side Walk.

The silliest thing about this move imo though is even if you do manage to Side Walk b+1,4 because Helicopter Kicks weren't used to kill your Side Walk... you don't actually get NEARLY the amount of reward back as Chreddy would get if the move was landed.

Potentially 128Dmg vs Steve getting an early ff+2~B! on a Back Turned Chreddy and a Sonic Fang (before Chreddy Falls to the floor or Rolls away which would remove the chance to B!)
(Also If you use ff+2 B!~Tag Assault to give the Opponent Rage and Lose your Red Life for a pissy BT Combo it hardly seems worth the pay off.)

With Hwoarang, a BT Hand Standing Floaty Chreddy isn't going to take a lot of Damage for guessing correctly and SW'ing the b+1,4~Non Helicopter.
Hwoarang also doesn't really float very well before Chreddy can move/roll away etc if you did want to try and B!.
So you're looking at a ff+3's worth of damage or something else that won't hit for a 130% Scaling damage but rather a 70% Scaling damage hit because Hand Stand/Rolling is technically a float position.
Realistically, with Hwoarang you wouldn't even really get the chance to 3+4 ff+3 B! - you'd probably have to try and use the Generic B! 1+2+5 (maybe, which in general also isn't that fast) if you wanted to try and Tag Assault some damage..... but lose Red Life and give Rage to Chreddy for another pissy BT combo.

What's worse? EVEN if you do force Christie/Eddy to Tag Out ------ then Christie/Eddy Tag In with all their life AND they have the same f u c k i n g move. hehe

See video of Steve's Life Bar after eating a CH b+1,4~d+3+4 at the start of the round..... it's not a hard combo or a hard CH confirm according to Di, our awesome Thai guest...

If anyone is looking for me... I'll be in the bathtub, slitting my wrists

The hit confirm is not too easy, but it's not impossible's similar to Dragunov's CH 1,2,1 / b+4,2,1 and df+1,4 (which luckily i play Dragunov as well )

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