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The MTU value depends on your type of connection with ISP.
If you have aDSL, MTU should be at 1492
If you have cable, it should be set at 1500
If you have fiber, it should be at 1500 as well. (unless otherwise required by ISP)

Direct ethernet connection to modem is always the fastest way. Because you are directly on the Internet without the need for NAT on your router/firewall. But this way you cut the Internet for everyone else in the house. You might piss off GF or wife. Lol

In direct connection mode, you also want to make sure your modem is not acting as a gateway. But simply a modem mode which provides Internet connectivity. In other words, your modem should give your console a WAN IP address.

If you are on aDSL with direct connection from console to modem, your console should be doing the PPPoE connection request.

That will definitely help your online gaming experience.

If not, change ISP.