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Now that TTT2 is on console, I will edit this top post frequently as you guys submit some nice combos and good tips for Chreddy so you don't have to sift thru all the threads. This will mainly be for dual capos (Christie/Eddy) combos only, but may eventually expand in the future. Any corrections let me know.

Bread n Butter Combos with Eddy / Christie
Can anyone submit?

Here's mine that's easy, good damage and works every time:
Any juggle starter: df+1, b+1,4 [TA 3,4] ff neutral u/f+3+4

1.) Time Stamped at 0:26 Eddy / Christie Combo
2.) [YouTube] Time Stamped Christie / Eddy Combo
3.) [YouTube] Time Stamped Eddy / Christie Combo
4.) [YouTube] A Few Eddy Combos in a 51 second video
5.) [YouTube] Time Stamped Christie / Eddy
6.) [YouTube] Time Stamped Eddy / Christie
7.) [YouTube] Time Stamped

From d/f+3+4
1.) Eddy
2.) Eddy

From ws+2
1.) Eddy

From a qcf+3 pick up
1.) Christie start

Combos to Wall
1.) [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NA1dN9YsfsU&feature=player_detailpage#t=69s][YouTube] Time Stamped at 1:10 Eddy / Christie

2.) Wall Splat

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