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Originally posted by Stoic Steve
Alex is better than roger for sure. You heard it hear first

New launcher with alex is
CH4 d/f+1+2TA from any range 0_0

Amazing find sir. Rog and Alex magic 4 is so underrated btw. It's a 13 frame, safe on block, plus on hit attack, with a quick combo on CH. In T6, Roger could land the following:

CH4, [df+1,2], [df+1,2], d+3+4 60 something dmg

Alex is taking it even further thanks to his ridiculous headbutt. Some people didn't give the move much thought in BR because it's high, and df+2 is mid and only 2 frames slower...so why not just go with that instead? And believe me, I used the shit out of df+2 lol. But standing 4 is only 13 frames and had it uses. A safe 13 frame move that leads to 60 something damage on CH shouldn't be overlooked. Hell, Steve Fox's notorious b+1 is 13 frames too. Granted, Steve had bigger damage potential on his CH, but it was -14 on block. Alex's standing 4 now Rivals Steve's b+1. I would say Alex's is far better because its safe on block and can get insane damage off it now too (Roger getting 60 something damage is still respectable imo).

And since it's only 13 frames, I've been tossing it out sparingly after a successful 2,1. (Since 2,1 is only +4 on hit now, df+2 is no longer a frame safe option at i15. It loses to jabs). And as of Yesterday, I started implementing Alex's headbutt follow up on CH, with a buffered TA... omg the damage. lol Thanks Stoic Steve! Prior to your post, I was still doing the old T6 Rog CH4 combo.

Just remember that if you guys are trying sidestep and do it, you have to tap f~4, otherwise, you'll get ss4 instead.


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