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Originally posted by jiorio95
Long wall carry with b! - u/f+4, bob 1, ws+3>3 b! TA AGF, f+1+2,2 w! ff AGF_ws+3>3

I was trying to find longer wall carry combos with Rolex. The above combo was what I arrived on as well. However, I did notice a way to slightly extend it (every bit helps right?). Same combo, just two little tweaks on executing it.

u/f+4, bob 1, ws+3>3 b! TA (dash forward and deep) AGF, (slight step forward) f+1+2,2 w! ff AGF_ws+3>3

I tested this on the pool stage (eternal paradise). Rog or Alex on point, default starting position P1 (left side). If you do the combo straight up, they will fall short of the wall. I first was doing the AGF moderate speed, and would take a good step forward with 1+2,2 ...it was random. Sometimes they would barely clip the wall, sometimes fall short. But when I dashed deep AGF, plus slight step forward 1+2,2...they hit the wall every time.

-- Jive