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Originally posted by Blasianlion
Once I understand a bit more with jinpachi, I wish to make a full guide on the jinpachi and wang team. If I make it, pending correct information may it go up? Also a couple of things:

What's the best use of d+1+2? it's a 66 frame ground hit move, but a bit to slow to be used as such. It gives +3 on block, so would it be best to sidestep after?

Also, what's the frame data on the 2,1 in: f+2,1(1+2)? It's not in the Tekken guide.

Sure, I wasn't a mod when I made the Dragunov guide

I'm not sure about d+1+2, it seems to be best suited for the wall just outside of wakeup kick range. I think it has some tracking as well, making it a decent option, but yes, it's very slow to be used constantly. I would probably go for either 1,b+2 or standing 4, although you may trade on the standing 4.

f+2,1 according to Ina is -9/+1/+1. The nice thing is f+2,1 is safe and you can CH confirm CH (f+2),1,1+2.
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