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Originally posted by Nori
I can't get that to come out at all, pretty frustrating but I'm sure I'm doing something wrong

FLY 1,1,2:2 timing is strict, basically you have to hit the second 2 right as the last attack hits. But like JF demoman, you just need to learn the timing. Also remember that you need to input FLY commands immediately, so it's closer to FLY 1,1,2,<2. This might be hard to explain but the timing is 1,bop,1,bop,2,BAM,2

Originally posted by ROYALEFATALE
ps. what are some of Jinpachi's fastest moves? or does he have anything that involves a sidestep? getting poked out of a lot of his stuff it seems

Jinpachi's fastest attacks would be his i10s, so 1,2 and 2,2. He has SS+2,1 which is NC KND/W!, launch punishable on block, but SS+2 is a -13 NH KND/W! as well, so it's decently strong near the wall. You're probably getting poked out his stuff because you're attacking at negative frames where you might think you're normally +frames. A few good examples would be d/b+2,1, d/b+4, or pretty much any attack where Jinpachi does not KND the opponent, statistically he's at negative frames.

Originally posted by kaworuscott
Does d/f1+2, u/b1~5 no longer work?

I don't think that ever worked, but if it did, it definitely doesn't work now.
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