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Hey guys I have a few to add.

Here's a few combos I did (2 vs 2 practice):

qcf+2, f+3:1, 2, ff+1, b+1 B! d,df+1,2 (70 damage)

qcf+2, f+3:1, 4, b+1 B! ff+1, d,df+1,2 (74 damage)

With Paul:

qcf+2, f+3:1, 4, b+1+5 B! (Paul) uf+3,4 (Michelle) d,df+1,2 (85 damage)

qcf+2, f+3:1, 4 b+1+5 B! (Paul) ff+3,4,4 (Michelle) f,f,f+1 or f+1+2 (88 damage to 93 damage)

I'll post more when I have more time with practice mode.

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