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stuff you can try to improve your connection:

other things can affect your connection quality:

  • old cables, connectors, or splitters
  • modem signal levels (changes to your cable package can affect these levels)
  • internet use on other devices tied to your network (e.g., netflix, downloading files)

click here for information on nat types

if you have connection troubles, it can take a lot of patience and testing to get things working. be sure to change one thing at a time, and test your connection again after every change. anyone is free to offer corrections to the above info.

after doing the above, if youre still having problems with dropped connections, contact your isp. they can probably see if your modems signal levels are out of optimal range over the phone; if they are, they may send someone to fix it by possibly replacing hardware, or by adding other components to amplify or dampen your signal. beyond that, you may need to switch isp, or relocate.

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