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Hi ^^

Name: S.M.
Age: Intemporal :p seriously, soon 30, looking 22 (or so one says...)
Region: Brussels, Belgium
Characters: Panda, King, Ganryu, Alisa, Williams sisters, Roger Jr., Asuka, Feng.
No arcade area I know about in Brussels, so I only play home on T6 atm.
PSN ID: NocturneReflet

Note: I am not too good (and have never realy been) on Tekken games, despite having played Tekken 1 since it's release on Playstation 1, so long ago. So don't expect too many hardships against me. but getting to play against lots of strong oppenents might help me progress. Also, I play mostly just to have some fun more than anything else.
English and French are my main languages should there be a vocal session sometime.

Nice to meet you.
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Panda's are cute. So are kitties.