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Originally posted by pIchu
Anyone can launch 2,3 on block.. even Steve. I think it's a good trade off if it's a single frame faster.

And yeah... pretty sure I've been saying that b+3>4 is HC-able since vanilla TT2 was out.

Hmm... something I've never thought to test... CH 4, 2,1, 2,1,1+2... with no dash. Should hit on some characters (like it did back in BR) but does it work on everyone? I'm still using dash 1+4.

I've been using slight dash 2,1,2,1,1+2 after magic 4. It's easy as pie.

It's kind of random if you don't do the dash. I've had it both hit and whiff against kaz. Slight dash makes it guaranteed. I'll test on smaller characters when I get off work tonight.
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