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Originally posted by Jaguar Clash
inatekken has BR asuka's 2,3 at -17, but -19 for unlimited/arcade. i remember ppl mentioning the 2,3 recovery in this thread or another a while back

so for ppl who been using her a lot now...how is her b3 overall? i hear the tracking and block-pushback got nerfed but does it still have that magic range/hitbox?

I won't even use b+3 unless the opponent is sitting -16. It's pretty much launch bait now. Then again, I almost never used it in T6 either.

Originally posted by ashinomori
ff2,1 if im not mistaken is slightly delayable.thus causing the string not NC if delayed.just countercheck it.

f,f+2,1 is NC unless you go to the absolute maximum delay (which is seriously a RIDICULOUSLY long time). At PEAK range the 1 whiffs due to the slight crouch animation caused by the f,f+2 on hit, it makes the 1 go right over the opponents head. It's EXTREMELY hard to cause the second hit to whiff (I had it happen 3 times out of like 100 times trying to), but it's something to keep in mind. I had it whiff setting practice mode to block anything that wasn't NC, and he didn't even have to block; the animation made him duck it automatically.

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