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Originally posted by Dilly
It would appear that under certain circumstances f,f+2,1 isn't a natural combo. I have NO idea what the cause was, but my buddy and I were playing about a half hour ago, he DEFINITELY got hit by f,f+2, but he STILL ducked the 1. Not sure if maybe there's a specific angle that the f,f+2 caused crouch or whatever, but bastard got a free launch even though the f,f+2 HIT!

Also...Why does the first post say f,f+2,1+2 is the high and f,f+2,1 is the mid? That is backwards. It's the other way around. I'll go ahead and fix that myself.


Figured it out... f,f+2,1 at MAX range will cause the second hit to whiff, literally going over their head during the hunch over animation of the f,f+2 hit. BE WARNED!

agreed the ff2,1+2 is the middle
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