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Baek's attacks either gives him good frame advantage (for continuing his attack), or horrible tracking/frames.

- Moves with frame advantage have flaw in them, such as d/f+1,3 (duck the second hit and punish), 2,3 (high), d/b+3,3(being low, high), 3+4~f (high). These attacks that are used to apply pressure, if defended appropriately, can result free launcher from opponent and a huge chunk of health off.

- Moves with bad frames/tracking (most of the strings that end with 3) are used to trick inpatient opponent into attack. If opponent simply block the attack, or side walk into quick launcher (option select in this case), then it is again a free launcher for the opponent.

Most of opponent's grip about Baek is his non-stop attacks and his low sweep. This becomes extremely annoying to deal with online due to lag. Many "high" strings become nearly impossible to duck and punish, which make them a bit broken in a laggy environment. Baek's long range d/b+4 sweep also becomes harder to react and block in time online. If d/b+4 hits opponent, it's an easy 40% off with ground game.

I do not know what environment (online/offline) you are when you use Baek. If it's offline opponents, they need to level up and learn how to deal with Baek's flaw. If it's online, then you may be abusing moves that are generally bad offline but become godly due to lag.

Hope it helps.