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Just thought of sharing some of the zafina combos in TTT2 for people to take a look at or for new comers to learn them .

1)Staple combos without TA!
Any 1hit launchers: df2, uf4, ws2, scr4~B, ws[1],2 , f3~B, ws3~B(? not sure if CH needed), db[4],2, etc (might have left some out sorry!)

(1), df1, df1, f2,3, SCR3+4 B!, df4, 1
(1), 1, uf1, f2,3, SCR3+4 B!, df4, 1
(1), df1, f2,3~B, 1+2 B!, (dash) 4, SCR4/~B
(1), f2,3~B, 1+2 B!, (dash) f2,3, SCR 3+4 (~D mnt, for people who like okizemi from mnt stance)

Some launchers that gives better recovery/launch high enough (such as df2, ws[1],2 (not very consistent), SCR4~B, db[4],2)

(1), uf1, df1, f2,3, SCR3+4 B!, df4, 1 (most damaging combo from df2 if I am not wrong)
(1), uf1, f2,3~B, 1+2 B!, 4, SCR4/~B

*for combos for ws1,2 where both hits, just take away 1 move before f2,3.

2) Low trip combos

SCR df3, ws4, df1, f2,3, SCR 3+4 B!, df4, 1
SCR df4(CH), df1, df1, f2,3, SCR 3+$ B!, df4, 1 (Needs confirmation, but should be doable)

For the following lows: db1+2, SCR df4~D MNT(CH), SCR df3~D MNT, D3~D MNT(CH), SCR [3,3],4~D MNT, MNT 3(CH)
(2) --> Trip move that ends in MNT stance, so all the following combos will be done in MNT.

(2), d3,1, d1,4

*if d3,1 CH or d[3],1 hits, you can do d3,1, d3,1, d1,4
*Instead of d1,4 you can do 4,3 instead to remain in MNT

3) CH combos without TA! (for these moves on CH: 1+2, ff3~B, [2],1)
(3) --> Combo starter/launcher

(3), df1, df1, f2,3, SCR3+4 B!, df4, 1
(3), f2,3~B, 1+2 B!, (dash) f2,3, SCR 3+4 (~D mnt, for people who like okizemi from mnt stance)
(3), df1, f2,3~B, 1+2 B!, (dash) 4, SCR4/~B

*For moves with B!, ff3 can be used after B! instead for good okizemi.
*df1,3 or f2,3~B can be used for a better wall carry but lesser dmg than df4,1
*These are most of the staple combos I can think of, some small moves can be changed here and there but I chose to use df1 for the filler on most part is because sometimes the launch might be slightly off axis and df1 catches them the most consistently, even if they were launched from behind.

4) Wall Combo without TA!:

W! 1+2 B!, uf1, df1,2,1
W! ff3~B B!, uf1, df1,2,1
W! SCR 3+4 B!, df1, df1,2,1 (Or for post-bound W! that is slightly low)
W! B!, f2,3, SCR4
W! B!, f2,3, SCR3 (allows for SCR1+2 for good damage on hit or good frames on block)

*For post-bound W!, the same moves can be done, just without the B! moves.
*The last hit of df1,2,1 can be delayed slightly for "ground dmg" which does more

5)For TA!, it can get really messy so you can be creative depending on which character you pair up Zaf with.
But if Zaf is acting as a TA! filler: (MNT = manually going into mantis by doing D3+4)

B!~5, ws1,2, (Main) --> +ve: Flings opponents quite high for Main to finish, -ve: Low dmg
B!~5, MNT, d1,4, (Main) --> +ve: Good dmg, -ve: Hard to connect on longer combos, low toss
B!~5, MNT, d3,1, d1,4, (Main) --> +ve: Good dmg, Many hits, -ve: Only usable on early B!, leaves behind a lot of red life
B!~5, ff3+4, (Main) --> +ve: Very Good Dmg, -ve: Not many characters can connect after zaf doing this
B!~5, 2,2,1+2 (Main) ---> +ve: Good dmg, Many hits, Spikes for ground dmg by Main, -ve: Only works with semi-short combos

The combo most people use if they plan on doing TA! with Zaf as a main is:

Launch, df1, f2,3~B, 1+2 B!~5, up to 3hit filler, (Zaf) ff3+4
Launch, uf1, f2,3~B, 1+2 B!~5, up to 3hit filler, (Zaf) ff3+4

*For characters who can fling the character back to zaf like yoshimitsu's 4~3 or Lars's move that goes under your opponent and then hitting them back towards your main (im sorry I don't know the notations), Zaf can do 2,1,3 as an ender for good damage and okizemi.

6) TA! at wall. (Im not too good with this one, and same as above, you can get creative with different characters)
Generally, when zafina is my main
For fillers with 3 hits, I end with df1,2,1 (can be delayed for more dmg).
For fillers with 4 hits, I end with df1,2,1 (no delay or it will whiff)
For fillers with 2 hits that have a long animation between the 1st and 2nd hit, I saw someone do this: ws3, SCR4 (Big dmg but only works for certain fillers which have a delay between the hits, like alisa's B3+4, 3+4)

For Zafina as a filler:
B!~5, 3~db, df 1,2,1 (Thx Chaoz for the info )
B!~5, df1,2,1
B!~5, B4,4
B!~5, 2,2,1+2

Well, I hope this helps Sorry if I have some errors here and there, do tell me about it and I will try to edit it. PS: I have no idea where to see if i have gotten pms so I am sorry if I don't read them.


From SCR df3, there is a combo which I managed to test after getting the game and asking other members in the general discussion PS: This combo is very range dependent, so the SCR df3 has to hit really close else the ws3 will whiff.

SCR df3, ws3, SCR 1+2 B!......dmg 55

This combo does insane dmg if your partner character has moves that do 3hits (at least) or more (max of 5/6).

Here is an example with me using zaf/nina

SCR df3, ws3, SCR 1+2~5 B!, TA! df3,2~ss1~f4,2 (i.e qcf 4,2), (zaf) ff 3+4
if I rmb correctly, this did around 99 dmg and my nina's TA didnt even have a spark, so get creative.

New Zaf TA!:
df 1,4,2 (3 hit TA for partners who have early bounds like nina uf 2,1)

New update 2:

From playing online, I have seen some people use this as a TA in open fields and I also think it will work with certain partners at the wall if zaf is the ender.

ws3, SCR4~B (At the wall as an ender, you can choose to not do ~B and stay in SCR)

Also, I found out about this new ender to use at the wall AFTER you use TA! at the wall.

3, SCR4 (similar to ws3, SCR4 but more consistent) and 3, SCR3 (which allows for the use of SCR1+2, similar situation which f2,3, SCR3 puts zafina in).

And lastly, when using the generic 5 hit B! combo (df2, uf1, f2,3~B, 1+2~5 B!TA!), if your partner only has a 2 hit TA which tosses the opp relatively high in the air (like yos b2,1 or lili b1,4?), you can run up and do this ender.

2,1,3 (to stay in MNT after doing the 3) or even 2,1,3~D (to cancel the last hit and go into MNT and if I am not wrong, the 1 spikes the enemy and thus allows for good okizemi in MNT)


This link is to the post with lili/zaf combos

On page 3 there are some zaf/chreddy combos too. Both by Pristine

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