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- OK first off let me me get this out of the way, I don't delete posts, I never have and never will. I strongly believe in freedom to express yourself as long as it's not a violation of thread rules.

Now on to the Lei topic, I completely understand how frustrating it is to play a opponent that you know is not the best but lose because how good the character is. It just sucks. I don't want to say that t6br lei sucked but he was always a uphill battle. I can honestly say that I strongly believe tag2 Lei will be the best lei through out all tekken series.

-Paul_Hamdali I just wanted to say that I agree about 75% on what green is talking about but you have to understand I don't use all of the moves listed only because competitive wise I use what works for me. If I had to change a few things I would do these.

- 1+2,2b to cancel into a throw, maybe drunken throw or something or lei would cancel and then go into drunken stance.
- d/f +2,1 should have a option to go into a mid. L,L or L,M mix up
- his d/f +3 tracking move should be at least -12 keep the push back and take away his dam taunt! on CH he should get some kind of gut stun w/ the option for the opponent to break out of it.

well this just some things but ya...sorry for the long post.