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Thanks for your useless flame post St. George. Perhaps it is too late for tekken tag 2 but that is not important to me. Same thing for moves you call irrelevant. Contributions are supposed to make games better.

If you look at tournament play it boils down to so few moves per character that it is clear that they do not improve on the game as much as they should. A tournament list should involve most of the characters moves since we are basically going into the 7th or so iteration of the game. If all we get is mediocre upgrades then paying full price for what should be a downloadable content installment would be a waste of your money and hundreds of hours of programmer work similar to Madden.

Namco should focus on the current tier ranking system and shoot for an A/B list not A through D+. By the way I do not use all of the moves I listed on a regular basis. I try them out to see when they might be useful since I didn't buy a game with 20 buttons to only press 3. We left the 3 button game generation back with Genesis and NES. I don't criticize those who use the most effective moves though. What wins, wins and it should be a complex strategy that is fitting to one of the best fighting games ever.

On another note, I still encounter Brawler level and higher people who still get hit by your proclaimed irrelevant moves. Perhaps you are one of them so you had to flame me.

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