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I'm not saying Jack 6 is the worst character but here is what I am hoping for Tekken Tag 2

1. Get rid of the crappy animations. Such as when his hands get stuck in the ground if the second hit of DF 1+2 misses. Stop making him get up and get launched after FF 3+4. And garbage move animations I may have missed.

2. When your only defensive options are excessive blocking, Pinpoint Assault and Crouching 10 since nothing else can help, the alarm goes out for a punch parry.

3. After UF 1+2 a little quicker recovery time is needed. I've only ever been able to block after this move. You shouldn't be on the defensive after a throw.

4. Debugger not launch punishable. There are many ground launchers that give high damage and should be punished if blocked. This does 32 damage and sends them flying away so you can't even capitalize on it.

5. Can we get a real wall jump. One of the biggest issues is getting pushed by faster characters or juggled into the corner and with sorry options afterward it doesn't get better. His wall jump punch has no range and will only hit if they are attacking right into where you were prior. A successful hit should get you away from the wall. Not floor them and keep you in the same position. Perhaps no hit at all just a dive to prone as far as it would normally go with no lame automatic get up afterwards.

6. Why are the sit punches launch punishable. I just landed a 4 hit natural combo and then you get to launch me for more damage than I did? No connecting move for any character should be launch punishable.

7. How about less hammer rushes on the move list. They are slow, they suck and take way to long to get to a mix up option. Only the short one has any merit and the rest can go. Use your imagination Namco don't just bloat the list with garbage.

That is all of my issues I believe. I'm not asking for too much, mostly things that should not even be there in the first place and few things to improve effective defense.