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I know it's a little late in the day for T6 Yoshi but I've just picked him up and I've been looking at a few things.

I found some option starting from uf3+4 to be very effective against people who don't know Yoshi and some who do! it;' basically a tour de force of almost every launcher he has, without letting the player get any real chance except for some punishes.

uf3+4 itself is very strong considering the rest of Yoshi's moves, that is to say it's the best of a bad lot; and it wins as many contests as it loses (against other "legs everywhere" sort of moves that are simultaneously happening, looking at Lili, Creddy etc)

Stage 1:
uf3+4(blocked), 3+4
If the launcher hits: wonderful, do his max damage juggle, two of them and you've won the round.

if they block the 3+4, you're at -12 right in front of them so if they know the trap straight off or you've trained them to expect it you'll be "eating a punish" for going one too many. It's worth it for what it sets up as long as you are sure they you've trained them not to be jab happy after blocking uf3+4

Stage 2:
uf3+4, u3+4
Once you've trained them to remain blocking after the uf3+4 to punish you, change it to uf3+4, u3+4, another launcher, but one which is +4/5 on block and forces crouch.
If that launcher connects do your juggle and away you go, in my experience it rarely does even against idiots and you want them to block it anyways. You're really only doing this to set up the next launcher.

stage 3:
uf3+4, u3+4, uf3

the uf3 is practically uninterruptable by any WR move since the u3+4 leave you in +4/5 and the launch is a 15 frame hop kick.
if the launch connects go you! if they remain blocking you're eating another -12f punish but 3 seems to the the magic number for a lot of people; they've just blocked two crazy looking attacks and expect to be at the advantage.

stage 4:
uf3+4, u3+4, f3,3

f3 is 16 frames, after a +4/5 and force crouch attack so you can theoretically be hit out of it or high crushed if they know it's coming. but if anything this is the part of the journey where most of the people come unstuck and just get hopelessly clemmed by the f3 for 30 damage or so and others will block the high but take the low launcher.

the low is the first stage they can finally hit back though, it;s -20 on block. (yikes!) but it;s so insanely unlikely to be dealt with in the context.

stage 5:
uf3+4, u3+4, f3,4 into BT mixups, BT to FC mixups or escape.
yoshi's getting a bit desperate at this stage. this is the one to try after the f3,3 has worked once or twice but they're too afraid to duck the f3 in case of uf3. If they're trying to deal with the low they'll probably just about figure out the mid is coming, if they block, either exit with BT b/db/ub, or start a new chain of guessing games from the blocked ff4 position. I like to use BT d1 (leave you in crouch, so you can jab then throw out an unblockable sweep or try for a while crouching df4 for a CH launch or safely exit with a WS4) but be aware that at this stage your opponent will be considering only the fastest most evasive attacks the have or worse: a hop kick! so maybe if you get all the way from uf3+4 to BT after f3,4, turn evade and wait for them to do something aggressive.

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