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Originally posted by redflash555
hi people. I made my own fight stick using a korean myoungshin fanta and crown buttons. But,the problem is everything works fine<but is there a way to make make the stick go back to neutral faster. I mean when i do the ewgf,If i do it to fast i think the neutral just doesn't register. i even have problems with the wavedash. SO am i doing it wrong,Or is it a fact that it takes some time for the neutral to register. If so how to solve this problem. If its important it has gersung microswitches.

If you modded the rubber too much it will be too loose. They should return to neutral faster than the sanwa ones that are in your TTT2U machines.

Originally posted by marcp20
hello i just had a quick question. I just recently bought a mad catz vs stick and now i want a korean fanta stick dropped into the case.i was wondering has anyone ever put in a fanta stick into there vs or te stick before and how did you mount it. i have no trouble wiring the stick up its just i would hate to spend 30 for the stick and not be able mount it correctly. please spread your knowledge and help me get ready to break the fanta in before sept. thanks yall once again

The case itself will need heavy modding if you want to put in that fanta stick. You're going to have to cut out some of the plastic in the base then make a mounting plate under the top portion of the case so the stick mounts at the correct height. It's a lots of work! LOL
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