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So been playing some t6 and ttt2 here in Tianhe mall in GZ. Shitty sticks on the t6 cabs but still play due to the zillions of challenges I get. Some people buy a bag (looks like 30 - 40 coins) and sit there playing you until they are all out of coins. Even the ones that lose all their games. Then again its cheap. I changed a $50 rmb note to 50 coins 2 weeks ago, I still have 20 coins left today from that stash. $0.40c t6 and $1 ttt2 is pretty light on the pocket.
Found about 4 arcades so far but tianhe is the best for challenges so I go back there whenever I can. This arcade is huge, its probably 3 - 4 times the size of yifans. China Mall has one which is a bit newer than tianhe mall but only found t6 cabs. This arcade is only 2x the size of yifans.

Loving the zillions of places to eat, late night shopping (most shops open till 10pm everyday), gaming and cheap taxis here but hate the weather!!!
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