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Not sure If this Is a problem on my part but, when I'm trying to wavedash 2P side I don't get the dash after the d/f.

E.g. f,n,dd/f,f After the f Input I don't get the dash. For the record I'm not trying to do It extremely quick "I'm new to stick". But I'm pretty sure my f Inputs on the stick aren't to blame "I've tested with command history turned on" And It does register the forward. On 1P no problems. ~The weird thing Is
that I don't get the dash "2P" even If I leave a slight Neutral between the d/f? Is this a problem with my stick?

Also my BDC on 2p side dosen't feel right. After some testing I've found the only way I can get a BDC on 2P side Is If I slightly move the stick from b to d/b. Though that feels a little Incorrect for me since sliding to d/b "All the way till It touches the corner of the restrictor" Is what It should feel like right? And be able to still work? No problem on 1P side though, I still get a BDC even If I slide It all the way to d/b "Corner of the restrictor" which Is the weird thing.

For the record It's a brand new Madcatz stick.