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Originally posted by KyOKei
Married life is a whole lot different from just living with someone.. for me anyway.

Still staying over at Fangs?

Pretty much.

Not sure if he told you or not but he has a copy of that crap SFXT game. Was fun for the first moment but with that DLC fiasco still running rampant in my head I could not take this game to a serious degree.
I didn't care or mind what they did with their past games like the special arcade editions for SF4 or ultimate edition for MVC3, but their latest trend has pissed quite a few people off.
I still want to play RE6 regardless, but I think capcom need a break from making fighting games for awhile in general.
And what joy waiting for the disc-locked-content characters being released around the same time as the vita version release.

In other news EA manages to surprise me relating their future "Free" dlc for those that played the Mass Effect series.
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