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Originally posted by redflash555
I use df+3+4~bt~1+2 as an ender. its consistent and decent damage though not maximum,but provides a good post juggle game. Now what i play here is,i use df+3+4 again,which hits backrollers,people who stay down or roll and people who get up and kick. The only option left is get up straight,if they start doing that i use a ff+3 and ff+4 mixup. The df+3+4 part is perfect and tested to the core. But can the ff+3 and ff+4 mixup be avoided by sidewalking or something,or or is this a perfect post juggle game? Any loop holes in this?

If you use df3+4, 1+2 ender, they can still sideroll your new df3+4 reset. If they get ut straight they should be hit by df3+4 for a reset if you do it right away. If you are slow and they start standing up and blocking it and you wanna mix up with ff3/ ff4, both of these can be sidewalked since ff3 is extremely linear and ff4 track a bit to the right, but it can still be sidewalked.

If you finish with df3+4,1+2, I suggest you should use more d3 in mix with df3+4. These two options will take care of most of the things the opponent can do. But do other stuff as well, if they start getting up straight, try to sidestep and do df3 for more pressure. It's plus on block. Or do a db3+4 for a surprise low when they are still on the ground. The point is not to be too predictible. Don't just do tha same mixups everytime. Keep them guessing.

Lili har a great oki game, try ending your combos with df3+4,3+4 and do backturned shenanigans like BT 1+2 for a full reset if they stand up straight or try to tech. Use BT d3+4 if they stay on ground or sideroll. If your opponent starts standing up straight and blocking your mid-options, throw them for gods sake!
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