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Originally posted by retsu_himura
Tried unlimited today, suddenly lots of players decided to use solo instead of team
And some of the characters are still very much like T6, so it kinds of feel like a expensive version of t6 to me

How I wish it could be 2v2, but play till both characters get KO instead of one.

And I was playing team against a few solo players, they have longer health and heavy damage
But I feel their health and damage is not really twice as much, they can get KO pretty fast too.
Hope to see more upgrade before the console released.

I heard now that ghost will be happen if u play solo??

Till both character KO is good idea

Twice the health and damage would be broken, I guess it would be fair if it's either twice the health but same damage or twice the damage but same health.
But just how much difference is now? I guess maybe 50% more health and damage ?
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