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~~Pick a team or fight on your own!

Source (JP):


~~New customization items:

Source (JP):

UPDATE: Thanks to Kane's effort, you can now see all the latest customization additions over at the customization thread here.


~~2D Illustrations are now available to get:

Sources (JP):



Rough translations performed by TZ forum members:

Rip from Level Up Your Game's translation:


b+122 - Harder to sidestep
db+3 - Safer on block
uf+3,4 - 2nd hit dmg reduction
ff+4,3 - Safer on block
dss 1+2 - Larger parry window

yip_noob's translations:


f+1+2,2 no longer launch punishable
uf+1+2 can ~5 now to tag partner in
ff+1+2 does less damage now (no longer 30dmg by itself)
fff+3 has different animation when used in a juggle
ws+3 does more damage

Kane's translations:

lars nerfed
ling and alisa both MEGA buffed
lili very very slightly buffed
hwoarang buffed, except everything about killing hawk is gone [tracking, dmg, useable in combos, etc]


u/f+3 damage is reduced.
f1+2 more unsafe
ch d/b+4 changed [different stun / trip animation?]
ch d/f+2 changed [diff stun animation?]
b+2,3 shorter delay able window.


- 13 is safer on block
- ff3 is safer on block
- df14 different hit animation on hit
- df14 damage boost
- df14 less pushback on block
- ws3 damage boost


- df1 is safer on block
- DF1 is safer on block
- b2 = now a homing move, but slower and less damage
- f44 damage boost
- b+3+4 (stance transition into Raindance) has faster recovery *Thanks yiggs *
- ws2 dmg boost
- hold ws2 dmg boost
- ws4 dmg boost
- ss3 now a homing move
- ss4 dmg boost
- aop 1 safer on block
- aop 21 can be canceled with ~b to go into bt stance
- ch aop 1+2 now has a hit animation change [probably now stuns]


- db4 safer on block
- db3+4 damage boost

that's it. ;_;

amphreded's translations:


d/f+1 more damage
b+1+2 more damage
ff+1+2 can now be tagged
ws+2 more damage
u/f+2,1+2 seems now to be NC and more punishable on block (not entirely sure on this)
Something about d/b+1+2~D and 1+2,d/b+1+2~D into leg split


less damage on ff+3+4,1+2,3+4
ff+1+2,ff damage up (double suicide, useless move)
f,n,d,d/f+1 damage up
changes on all d+2,2_d+2,2,1_d+2,2,d+1 but not sure what

UPDATE: Posted by NoodleHead.

- d+2,2 safer on block
- d+2,2,1 hit confirm window is longer. (was it NC before?)
- d+2,2,1 on CH has different properties.
- Shark attack (from the 1st to the third hit) damage worsen.
- CD+1 and double suicide damage raise.

Zero The Shadow's translations:

NOTE - There are multiple reports that ZTS' translation are a bit off, so take them with a grain of salt until we get further confirmation on them.


f+2 has less push back on block
-QCF+3 changed properties on hit, more damage, changed what happens when it hits airborn opponent
-ffn3+4 new move


-ff+2 does more damage, does something different to an airborn opponent
-d+3~4 does less damage and has different properties on hit
-In some stance d/b+4 does more damage and can be delayed

UPDATE: Posted by noodalls.

Christie translation is a bit off

-f,F+4 increased damage and changed effect on airborn hit
-d+3~4 decreased damage and changed effect on hit
-FC,db+4 slower but increased damage


-d+2 damage buff
-u+4 and u/f+4 more punishable
-fff+3 Less damage
-WS+23 more punishable, damage nerf, change properties on airborn opponents, of course it now gives a low spin launch, can be tag canceled easier.


-Backdash returned to the Tekken 6:BR style
-11 Less punishable and can got into Destroy stance with 1,1,1+2
-f+2,1+2 now leads to Destroy stance
-bf+2 does more damage
-f+1+2 does more damage
-d+3+4 is now a homing move
-b+3+4,3+4 has different properties on hit and can be tag canceled, slightly reduced damage on second hit
-Alisa's little fly punch combo has had changed properties mostly on the first hit and does more damage
-ff+1+2,2 moves to destroy stance
-Looks like you can control the distance of u/f+1+2 by imputing it as either u+1+2 or u/b+1+2 and it also can got to destroy stance and has different properties on hit.


-1, f+1, and d+1 all have more range
-d/f+11 does more damage and has different hit properties
-Wanning Moon has different properties now
-Fly 3+4 is safer
-WS+1 has more range
-WS+2 is now a homing move
-ff+2 does more damage
-3+4,3+4 is safer
-d/f+3+4, 3+4 is safer
Something about a 3 move might be out of Fly it's hard to tell but it does more damage and is different on hit.


-Hopkicks more punishable
-WS+4 more damage
-Tombstone does more damage
- 1+2,2 has different hit properties
-ff+1+2 has changed regarding the ability to tech roll afterwards


-d/f+2 now does something different on normal hit
-Something about f+1+21 might be 3 frames slower.
-d+2 more damage
-d/f+12 more damage
-Ws+2 more damage
-u/f+2 does something different on CH...WTF?

UPDATE: Posted by Kane.

also, I checked out the steve portion ... zero's translation is off.

- df2 has a hit animation change
- 3rd hit of f1+2,2 is more delayable
- ws2 has a damage boost
- pab df12 dmg boost
- pab d2 dmg boost
- ch pab uf2 - different hit animation


-2,1,1+2 has different properties when hitting an airborn opponent.
-bf+1 Bob's backswing blow now has different properties on hit
-b+1+2,1,2 has reduced damage on the 2nd and 3rd hit
-Like many other characters his hopkicks are more punishable.


-d/b+2 more punishable
-b+2 does more damage
-332 is more punishable?
-Some changed to d+32 not sure what exactly
-d/b+3 is NOT -15 punishable anymore however it is not longer godlike on hit.
-b+34 NCC now
-QCF+1 now has different properties on hit making tag cancels easier


-2 is not-1 anymore is either 0 or +1
-f+2 has different properties on normal hit now
-f+3 different properties on counter hit
-ff+1+2 can be tag canceled
-LOL Debug is a homing move LOL
-WS+1 does more damage
-Second hit of WS+21 is more punishable.


-b+1,2 Damage buff, something is different about when it hits though
-CD+4 has a different property on counter hit now
-Crouch throws are now faster
-Tombstone does more damage
-WS+2,2 is more punishable
-WS+1+2 has different properties on hit
-A lot of King's moves now have property changes specific to hitting crouchers d/f+2, Ali kicks, and I need to check on the last one but it looks like WS+4?


-Pressing d/b will allow you to guard mids and highs out of bear stance?
-u+4 more punishable
-f+1+2 more punishable, tag canceleable too now I think.
-b+1 hits grounded again


-u+4 and u/f+4 more punishable
-ff+2 more punishable but now something happens on CH.
-Animal God Fist gets damage buff and the properties on airborn opponent changed AKA nerfed.
-Something about b+24 I dunno that move is shit anyway.


-d/f+1 has different properties on hit
-d/f+2 has less pushback or more just says changed the pushback
-WS+2 has had some property nerfs
-b+1,2 more punishable?
-b+42 more punishable?


-b+2,1+2 gets a damage boost
-3 gets a damage nerf and is more punishable
-f+21 does more damage can be delayed.
-QCF+2 has different properties on hit
-f+4,1+2 more punishable
-1+4 faster to execute it seems.


-f+23 more damage, change properties on hit, change properties on hit to airborn opponent(no bound?)
-d+32 us SAFER
-WS+3 does more damage, might be less frames on block though
-u/f+14 does more damage
-Something about 332 which is hard to understand.
-Looks like WS f+1 might not launch anymore.

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