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Originally posted by ATLShinBlanka
Aint that the truth Mark. As a community we do have to embrace the new players, because that's how sf4 became the monster title it is now throughout the world! The gamestop events helped a lot in getting the new gamers into SF! Most of them never played sf before SF4. This is the approach we should take towards TTT2 imo, because I think it has a chance to be as big if not bigger than SF4 around the world! The old school players show people how it's suppose to be played and new school learn how to play while inventing new tech themselves. No disrespect to an other community of gamers, but we know what the tekken community can do and how big it truly is right now. We just have to help it grow and as og players and organizers it's our duty to help the process.
Well said Larry
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