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Originally posted by Zero the Shadow
What we really need Mark is for Tekken to get on the major weekly stream and stay there. We can't make that happen, someone will pull needs to make that happen. They did AGAIN with SFxT. Soul Calibur 5 comes out, it gets one week at WNF then you never see it again, KOF13 comes out it gets one week at WNF you never see it again, Marvel 3 comes out you see it every single week, SFxT comes out, you see it every single week. If that isn't that kind of biased bullcrap that's holding Tekken back I dunno what is. How is the community suppose to grow for any games when the main streams refuse to give it a chance?

Tekken Tag 2 is the only fighting game currently due out this holiday season. The ONLY one. If it can not blow up this time the Tekken scene will never blow up. It has no competition so please for the love of god, Mark, Rich, anyone over there in SoCal, make it happen, get Tekken on ever week like the other games. Please, the more eyes on the game the more people begin to understand and appreciate it.

Also someone out there teach Chen or David how to play the game because if you get one of them on the stream talking about it and supporting it believe me the stream monsters will follow. If there is one thing that is true about stream monsters, they love David and James and will listen to anything and everything they say.

All of this combined with a fantastic National should finally allow Tekken to get the recognition it deserves. I would do something if I could all the way out here but I can't. I'm counting on you guys.
yea someone ship me a TTT2 prototype disc for ps3 and i'll showcase it at my new bi-weekly RANBATS (ATL-FINALROUNDBATS) that are going to start in april. We'll be streaming every event and you'll have some of the best players in the usa displaying the game in its best skill levels.
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