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Originally posted by FlyMikey
Right now how I'm feeling, I'd go to every event in the series. Prob hit CEO just if Tag 2 is there.

Question is, is there any push for Namco to do that if they use the lackluster attendance for T6 at the MLGs as any indication? Especially the last one. Key thing would probably be turnout. I think they may be gauging NOW the number of players who come out to the spots and tourneys nationwide that have or will have TTT2 on display, maybe just to get a feel of whether to possibly start anything. Then there's gonna be the perception of interest after the actual console version releases and the number of entrants in tourneys.

The overall fg scene is getting bigger and people are playing everything these days, at least for a little while. So there's bound to be some heads who find appeal in TTT2. And maybe, just maybe, the one good thing that comes from SFxT is that some of those players flow into the actual Tekken series itself. The ones who don't get disappointed when they find out that the REAL Steve Fox doesn't have a Gadouken and shit.
I don't think the MLG past events would effect NAMCO BANDAI GAMES in this type of event if it was worth doing from a marketing standpoint. I do feel this topic needs to be front page material on TZ because everyone on this site needs to weigh in on this subject. Your feedback is vital to this happenning. (If there's an outside chance of this happenning in the 1st place) If this happens I would support this idea 200%. Hopefully community organizers will be apart of this project.
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