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Originally posted by Zero the Shadow
Let's keep this real. That last "National" tournament was not a "National" tournament. It was the SoCal, NorCal invitational. Last time I check 90% of the best Tekken players in America are from places not called California. I'm sure that they felt it was just and balanced cause BloodRed got to go over and play and represent the rest of America outside of California.

So a national tournament needs I dunno people from all over the nation. Second you can't give double qualifying spots to California and one to New York, and one to Atlanta, and one in Texas. That's always been another problem California also gets more qualifying spots for some reason and I mean seriously based on tournament results do they really deserve it? You really think the amount of quality players in Cali is that much more than New York or Atlanta or Texas? Only someone completely biased would think that.

So you set up a fair set of regional qualifiers. If you wanna do it the best way possible you take all of the best Tekken hotspots in America and you give them a qualifier and let the Top 4 from each tournament travel to the Nationals. If I was in charge these places would get one, New York City, Huston Texas, LA, San Jose/San Fran, Atlanta, Tennessee, Virginia, Upstate, Florida, Midwest, and STL. Maybe another Teaxs in there but I dunno where outside of Huston to put it. If I missed anyone feel free to call me and idiot and suggest it. This gives everyone a chance to play, You've got every major Tekken area covered with equal representation.

The next and most important thing is to have these regionals run by established tournament organizers. We know Rich is behind the wheel at Namco but Rich can't be in 10+ locations across the U.S. trying to run these tournaments. If Namco turns to people in the community that have established themselves as solid tournament organizers and has them run the tournaments with Namco supervision it will make the whole thing run smoothly. You don't want a fiasco like the SFIV National tournament where you've got a bunch of Gamestop employees trying to run a tournament and not knowing WTF they are doing.

With that set you dangle a fat prize pool out there for the game. Similar to the Mortal Kombat PDP tournament. Something the 2D heads can not ignore. Why? Cause even if we know people like Floe, Wong, and Mike Ross have no chance of winning this tournament the fact that they will try will get people interested in the game itself. You make these Regionals an event, like a mad dash, like they are all worth something already. I dunno how you do that, I don't want to suggest something overboard but it's gotta be something good for those Top 4 regional spots.

Then you bring em all together at one big tournament, you get the best of the best to stream it, you make it big, loud, exciting, and you run it like a real tournament but with more. Interviews with players, player break downs, pre and post match analysis by skilled commentators. You go balls out and make it seem like Tekken Tag 2 is this thing you can not miss, that it's on another level. You bring the quality of an MLG but all the hype that surrounds the Tekken scene. LOL You fly out the ATL crew just to get hype behind the stage.

Needless to say Top 8 pay out would be really nice similar to PDP and when it's all said and done and the fireworks go off and the winner is handed his big check and trophy Rich just jump on Stage and goes "Tekken Tag 2 59.99! Buy it bitches! Peace!"

A guy can dream.
Great post sir. I like the end part where rich jumps out of nowhere and says" Tekken Tag Tournament 2 $59.99 on ps3 or xbox360 BUY IT BITCHES!" lol But seriously this could happen if everything is planned correctly.
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