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I've been looking at the netsu allegiance chart
and I think base on the aspect of easier activation of netsu,
the most ideal partner for Feng is actually Wang,
because they both +1 to each other.
And I'm surprise that Feng and Lei gives -1 to each other on that netsu list.
Well, this is just base only on the netsu aspect, so don't get too serious on it.

Ok, for those that doesn't know what is a netsu rage:
After your character takes a certain amount of damage, your partner will be angry and receive a small damage increase on hits. A red/white blinking bar on your partner indicates that Netsu is activated. Netsu activation is based on a relationship system of likes and dislikes for each individual character. Certain characters dislike each other, such as Zafina and Ogre, and will take more hits to activate Netsu.

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