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Originally posted by amphreded
Regarding Jack/Alisa, I've played against someone who did:
Jack d/f+2, 2, ff+1~5 Alisa b+3+4,3+4, Jack dash 2 (in between Alisa's hits), b+3,2,2.
Not sure about pre-bound combo, might have been d/f+2, 2, 2, ff+1 instead.

I'll give it a shot, although the vid i saw on the live monitor did ff+1+2, 2 instead.

I've seen a lot of other alisa -> yoshi combos,
df+2, b+4,3~5, yoshi f+3,4, alisa ff+3,4,4 (I'm thinking you can get dash f+4,1,4?)
my personal:
df+2, b+4,3~5, yoshi ssr b+2,1,1+2, kin f+2, ff+2,3
There's some others that i know i'm forgetting.
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