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Originally posted by Keaven
Nothing special with this move I'm aware of. The moves from it can be delayed to some extent so you can wait a bit and do a move on reaction. In the vid he justs hits b+3+4 and then 1 around the middle of it. It could be delayed further than that I'm sure.

Like he said, I don't believe AP has any invul frames (though it can be tested to confirm). I simply think his hit box moves rapidly enough to evade many attacks. When I played there was considerable lag time on AP if no attack was input in time. Not sure if you're completely vulnerable while you stand there, but I tend to believe there is ~20-30 frames of lag where you probably are vulnerable. I was unable to back AP, back AP; so unless it's been changed, it's not possible without the lag in between transitions.
Originally posted by Crimzon
ws+4,4,1 is no longer NCc.

Ugh, bad change
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