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Umm no. MNT should be the least one to randomly go into because can't even move. Well you can move but it's slow going forward, back, left, and right. Also going into the stance is also slow and doesn't evade anything.

Going into SCR when they're waking up near the wall is good because you can get them with 1+2. Going into TRT is good anywhere. It goes under highs and even some mids like a running 3. Also moving forward is pretty quick to 1+2 low crush or catch them from hoping over you. If they side walk you, then cancel out of the stance at a distance and fish for a wiff. If they trying to defend, then mix it up with 1 or 3~d. Where 1 is not safe but they cannot launch punish and 3~d is completely safe. You can also do 2 for a safe launcher if they stand still. If blocked, then follow it up by ws2 because they'll try to punish that launcher but can't.