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Thanks for the info sirs..appreciated it alot..now I'm getting it, and @Shotokan's right..WD is futile in TTT2..a simple crouch dash would suffice BTW I still have pending queries that maybe you could answer obligely..
-what does "O" mean in otgf?..does it have the same notation as EWGF like f,N,d~d/f+1?..
-is Hei's SS+2,1 still NC?..is it still good as a SS punisher?..
-Hei and AK's combo
-Hei EWGF, OTGF, DEWGF, d+1B!~5: AK 3+4,1: Hei cd+4,4,1-is this possible or Iam left w/ the option of the oldman hunting hawk(u/f+3,4)?..

-AK Launch, 1+2,2, d+2B!~5: Hei SSR cd+4,4,1: AK u/f+3, iSW- is this even possible or a simple iSW will do?..does Hei's cd+4,4,1 will make it float?..

Thanks very much for any applicable answers
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