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Originally posted by RankTank_3rwin
I know this might sound inappropriate..but can someone help me on how to do a proper EWGF on the 1P side..and not just that but all crouchdash moves on 1P..because it's pretty hard to nail it on 1P..and does wavedash still works inTT2?..any tips will be very much appreciated..thanks..

This is probably a famous quote, but I'll say it again, practice practice practice.
Practice your ewgf and dewgf by going to practice mode and put cpu on block.
Practice your wd and bd by first bd to the furthest corner and wd up to the cpu.
When you are doing ewgf or wd, make a mental note to go to N and spin the joystick, *with wd make sure you hit f after the spin*

Practice until you can do it consistently, not quickly, but consistently, then speed up the repetitions for wd.
Practice your ewgf until you can get it 9 times out of 10.

Yes, wd works TT2.
There are also video tutorials on how to hold the joystick when on the 1p side, just look it up.

So, in short, PRACTICE.