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Originally posted by DrBhup666
I too thought that these were not so bad charactrers and didn't need to get cut. Then I understood Suzako was just fucking with that other guy who first said the cast needed to get cut. If you go to the other guys profile, he plays those character, so I guess Suzaku was making a point that if you want to cut characters, you must be willing to see your favorite go away! I agree.

oops my mistake, hehe.

Originally posted by RankTank_3rwin
I dunno why some people here complain about the juggle system..IMO tag assaults and tag combos are an excellent addition to this game and the juggling system is a TEKKEN trademark..so i think it's cool that they improved it here

Juggles are just too easy nowadays. They're not even a challenge anymore. I don't think Juggles should ever leave but something needs to change like maybe characters need to fall faster so juggling isn't so easy. Old school Tekken fans find this boring because we're used to stricter timing. I remember the days when me and my friends used to make VHS tapes with the juggles we'd make up. Nowadays we don't even care because juggles just aren't impressive. I guess I should say they're still visually impressive but execution wise they're all too easy and too powerful. No fun at all.
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