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Originally posted by DrBhup666
And there you go! Cast will be a little smaller, some few will bitch at first, but the game will be much more comprehensible for most people (new people) to get in to. We need more people to play Tekken. In my whole country there are only 25-30 people playing Tekken. I'm not kidding!

Good points. I think Tekken is in serious need of a refresh ala Tekken 3 or Soul Calibur 5. Tekken Tag 2 is what it is, and this Unlimited version is probably an improvement that will make the game more interesting when we finally get it on console later. I think Namco is lucky in that they have Tekken x Street Fighter lined up next, which is a title they can experiment with to find ways to make Tekken interesting in new ways. It also gives them a good amount of time before having to release the next Tekken so they have plenty of time to figure out how best to refresh the series
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